ROUGH MAGIC follows Sarah Moretti, a jaded suburban mother. Devastated by domestic life, she seeks power and pleasure with a coven of small town witches. When her mentor dies unexpectedly, Sarah fears drowning in a life of PTA, soccer games and mortgage payments. Desperate for power, she searches the community for deadly new mentors. But there is a steep price for high magic, one her family may have to pay for her…

A woman versus self journey, ROUGH MAGIC explores our notions of gender, feminism and normalcy in the modern world.

My first novel, a magical realism tour of suburbia.  Available in paperback and Kindle.



Sand and sorcery. Spurs and swords. Welcome to a Wild West you’ve never seen before. Meet Griffin Page, an Albuquerque teen with two deep secrets, as he steps into the comic book world of AMMA.

Queer Fiction meets the Fantasy West in AMMA, from the author of the magical realism novel Rough Magic. AMMA takes readers to Shift, a realm of gender-bending gunslingers, femme fatales and flying monkeys. Of course, Shift is just a place from a comic book… unless you’re a transgender teenager named Griffin Page.

My second novel, a Queer Fantasy Western, takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the deadly Land of Shift.  Both settings focus on Griffin Page as he explores the frontier of gender.  Currently available in paperback and Kindle.

Journey back to Oz in Breaking Silver, from the author of Rough Magic and Amma. Discover the secret of the Silver Shoes. Who made them? And how did they fall into the hands of the so-called Wicked Witch of the East? Meanwhile in Kansas, a boy named Tip explores his shadowy roots.

A novel told in seven serialized episodes, Breaking Silver explores the final 48 hours before Dorothy’s arrival in the Land of Oz. Drawn primarily from L. Frank Baum’s earlier Oz novels, the saga also explores rural America through the eyes of the Gales, a family of outcasts haunted by demons within and demons without. Here we meet Tip, the gifted son of a drifting misfit. By the age of five, Tip struggles with questions of identity, chief among them his obscured past and gender identity. As the Gales dive deeper into their own history, the witches of Oz take steps to shield themselves and their homeland from a storm of mythic proportions.

My ongoing re-imaging of the Oz mythos.  Breaking Silver is my first ever serial.  Parts 1 and 2 are available in paperback and a 99 cent digital edition. Part 3 arrived October 25th, 2017.  The latest installment, Part 4, arrived November 22th, 2017.  The saga continues December 20th, 2017!