The Angel Spread (Tarot and Lenormand Tutorial)

Today’s post is a simple one.  I’d like to share a cartomancy spread with you that’s ideal for Lenormand, Gypsy and playing card systems, but easily applied to the Tarot.  I haven’t found it anywhere else online, but it’s so easy but in-depth, I feel a lot of us can benefit from it!  It’s called the Angel Spread.


The layout is simple.  Draw nine cards after you’ve shuffled your deck.  The spread is laid out in three groups.  The middle group makes up the core, the left group represents the past, and the right represents the future or eventual outcome.  Pretty straight forward.

You lay the first group, as I said, in the middle.  The first card belongs in the center.  This is the heart of the matter.  Often, it reflects the subject of the reading or the root cause.  Beneath the heart card you lay the second.  This is what your gut is telling you.  Over top of the heart card, you place the third card.  This is what your head is telling you.


Cards four, five and six are laid in descending order.  Those of you who read Lenormand or Gypsy cards know that the cards are typically read together, not separately (like we did with the middle spread).  Here you would read The Park, The Mountain and the Key together.  If I were reading these cards I would say, “a public emotional hurdle leads to success, opportunities or access. ”


Ultimately, cards seven, eight and nine are laid in ascending order, to the right of the middle cards.  If I were the reader, I’d say, “a loyal romance brings relocation or movement,” or possibly, “a noble spiritual calling warrants relocation.”  With the Moon card meaning long-term luck sometimes, I could also say, “loyalty and good fortune open the way to momentum.”

Now the three card grouping structure makes the Angel Spread ideal for use with Lenormand cards and their cousins, but you could also use your favorite Tarot deck.  I prefer the Marseilles when it comes to Tarot more than the Rider Waite Smith, but because I use the two decks differently (the Marseilles is more of a four card structure for me and the Rider Waite Smith responds to a simple three card Past, Present, Future spread best), I only use the latter with the Angel Spread.  Use what works best for you.   As you can see below, the cards still tell a sturdy narrative.


Let’s assume Sally wanted to know if her boyfriend was a good match.  The center card, THE KING OF WANDS, would be indicative of the boyfriend, possibly an artistic, red haired man.  Sally’s gut would be telling her the boyfriend is THE DEVIL, or the situation could become manipulative or controlling.  Her head is focused on the KNIGHT OF PENTACLES, (I usually say “Coins,” instead of Pentacles.  I feel it’s more representative of the suit’s nature.), meaning she thinks the progress he’s making will lead to money or financial opportunities.  Now in the past Sally saw the relationship going somewhere, propelled by pure will.  Perhaps she or her boyfriend are esoterically gifted.  But the boyfriend was a bit wishy-washy and had trouble juggling his material, physical life in regards to his relationship with Sally.  Looks like he had a lot going on in the background too and it was just an unstable time.  Ultimately, Sally found a balance, mostly within her own life.  In the near future, Sally and her boyfriend will form a more structured relationship, but many hands are at play.  It looks like the boyfriend just has too much drama surrounding him or spends too much time rough-housing with his friends.  Ultimately, he may grow rigid and stubborn, as well as guarded.  I don’t see him going anywhere if Sally wants him, but she has to ask herself if she wants an emotionally unavailable partner.

0604172017a.jpgSo that’s the Angel Spread, ladies and gentlemen.  I hope it serves you as it’s served me.  I’ve had a lot of success with this spread, especially using the Lenormand cards.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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