Blogs I Love

Self explanatory.  I kept this list short because I don’t have an awful lot of time to read blogs lately, but I wanted to showcase those I actually am (or will make more of an attempt to!) reading currently.  Just four for now:

Janet Fitch’s Blog

Author page of my favorite novelist, Janet Fitch (White Oleander, Paint it Black). Like most author blogs, it features the latest news on Fitch’s work. But where Fitch separates herself is in the mass amount of original short stories as well as her thoughtful pieces on the craft of writing.

Conjure Gnosis

Defined by the author as a Gnostic Conjure blog, CG contains essays, updates, product reviews and recipes related to the Balthazar’s profession, that of a Southern Conjure rootworker. A sometimes philosophical, sometimes whimsical blog on the magico-religious practices of Conjure and Hoodoo (ie: American folk magic). In-depth and professional, Balthazar manages to keep a personable, light hearted tone which makes even the longest essay delightful.

Jacket Copy

The LA Time’s book blog. Five minutes is enough to keep me feeling well fed. The content is engrossing, but also brief enough to suit the format. I don’t have much else to say, aside from the fact that I first heard of some Grade A books before they hit shelves, like Patti Smith’s Just Kids, thanks to Jacket Copy. The design is also aesthetically pleasing and the overall feel keeps me motivated.


Subtitled, “Just a mondo but not complete listing of Trans-Related Bloggers and News Sites.” T-Central is more of a blog list than an actual blog, but I had to include it here. They showcase featured, current blog entries at the top of the page, and the overall content is extensive. The page could also be thought of as a project, an ambitious, thorough project displaying a wide spectrum of views from transgender individuals identifying as pre, post and non-op, as well as those of folks who identify as gender non-conforming. I’ve been visiting T-Central for ages and I’m proud to say I started my blogging journey writing about transgender issues myself. Definitely worth your time if you’re looking to expand your horizons.


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